This Week in Chester Library History — May 19-26, 1974

The Friends of the Chester Library held their annual book sale on May 24-25, 1974, at the Boy Scout Cabin on Main Street. They offered more than 3,000 books on a wide range of topics from cookbooks and gardening guides to an 1879 volume of A Tour Around the World, by Ulysses S. Grant, complete with 800 engravings. What did this treasure cost at the book sale? A whopping $5.00. (The books sells for about $50 today.)  Savvy shoppers could snatch a year of National Geographic magazines for $1.00 and receive a free copy of a Reader’s Digest Condensed Book for their purchase. The Friends welcomed donations, especially comic books and record albums. All proceeds went to the work of the Friends, and to an impressive annual donation to the Library.