The Honor Roll Newsletter Collection

The Honor Roll Newsletter Collection, 1943-1945

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Title: The Honor Roll Newsletter Collection

Creator: Chester Public Library

Dates: 1943-1945

Extent: 2 linear feet

Abstract: Composed by Chester local Mae Call, The Honor Roll newsletters were a means of sending the town’s news to its young men and women serving overseas and in other parts of America during World War II. The newsletters also feature news of the servicemen and women, including mailing addresses, hospitalizations, and deaths. The newsletters span 1943-1945, and provide a detailed snapshot of Chester, New Jersey during those years.

Language: English


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Table of Contents


The Honor Roll Newsletter Collection is an incomplete set of local newsletters spanning 1943-1945. They were composed by a local high-school English teacher, Mae Call, who would mail them to local servicemen and women stationed in the United States and overseas during World War II. The newsletters also were sold locally for $0.05 each to raise funds to purchase items for the soldiers (e.g., candy).

On July 25, 2012, the Wyckoff Family donated its collection of The Honor Roll newsletters to Chester Library, specifying that the 10 issues be added to the library’s collection.

Table of Contents

Scope and Content

The newsletters include snippets of local news (weddings, births, deaths, moves, home sales, gossip, and general news); photographs of local servicemen and women, their families, friends, and local events; humorous illustrations; newspaper clippings; pin-up girls; comics; and the Honor Roll listing of all servicemen from Chester. Call also included the mailing addresses of servicemen so readers could write to their local heroes. In the September 1943 issue, Call describes how Chester local Edward F. Hayes (Buddy) sent her the outer wrapper of the newsletter to show how it traveled around the globe 8000 miles before successfully landing in his mail.

Notably, Call printed the stories of soldiers who had been injured or killed in the line of duty and where they had been hospitalized, as well as local residents’ ill health and/or injuries. If a person were to read all of the newsletters in succession, he/she could easily track the travels and activities of many of Chester’s servicemen and women.

The original Library collection includes the following issues: July, October, November, and Christmas 1943; March, May (2 copies), June, October, and Christmas 1944; and August and May 1945. The Wyckoff donation includes September, November, and Christmas 1943; February, March, August, and Christmas 1944; and March, May, and August 1945. Each issue is four pages printed on two sides of a folded, 17 x 22 in. sheet of newsprint. They are all paper-based materials printed in black and white. The May issues tend to be Mother’s Day issues, and the July issues tend to be Father’s Day issues. Both include many family photos.

The tone used by the author is upbeat, touching, and light-heartedly humorous at points. The amount of detail Call used in her descriptions allows researchers to follow the events and people of Chester to a great degree during final years of World War II.

Table of Contents

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is organized chronologically and arranged by issue.

Table of Contents

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Boy Scouts.
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Cub Scouts.
First Congregational Church of Chester
Gee Haw Club
Leck’s Luncheonette
Larison’s Turkey Farm
LuShan Farm
Muskrat Hotel
Old Mill Tavern
Pleasant Hills Farms
Red Cross.
Rudolph’s Grill
Shongham Sanitorium
United Wallpaper Factories


World War II
World War II, 1939-1945
World War II chronicles
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World War II stories
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World War Two, 1939-1945
World War Two chronicles
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Abeles, Janet
Abeles, Paul
Abeles, Richard (Dick)
Ader, Lloyd
Ader, Orville
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Allen, Jackie
Alpaugh, Taller
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Apgar, Brenda Jane
Apgar, Chester
Apgar, Frederick
Apgar, George, M., Jr.
Apgar, Hazel
Apgar, Jean
Apgar, June
Apgar, Lester
Apgar, Mary Ella R.
Apgar, Roy
Apgar, Russell
Apgar, Shirley
Apgar, Willard
Ardin, Edna K.
Ardin, Felix
Ardin, Joseph
Ardin, Margaret H.
Ayres, Herbert G.
Baker, Jerome
Balufuss, Mel
Barber, Evelyn
Barker, Anna
Barker, Barnes H. (Bud)
Barker, Lois
Barker, Thomas
Barkman, Blanche
Barkman, Clara Mae
Barkman, Cyrilla
Barkman, Grace
Barkman, Linnet C.
Barkman, Millicent (Millie)
Barkman, Mose
Barkman, Peter
Barkman, Radford (Rad)
Barkman, Matilda (Tillie)
Barkman, Walter R.
Barnhart, Hazel
Barnhart, Theodore (Teddy)
Bartow, J. Wesley
Baruch, Paul
Barwicke, Thomas J.
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Biebigheiser, Thomas
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Carberry, (Doc)
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Cox, William
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Thornton, Esther H.
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Wyckoff, John T.
Wyckoff, Lewis C.
Wyckoff, Mary
Wyckoff, Thomas
Yarashuk, Harry
Zezzo, Joseph
Zurcher, John de Vries


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Fox Hill
Morris County (N.J.)
Morris County (N.J.)–History.
Morris County (N.J.)–History, Local.
New Jersey.

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Community newspapers.
Veterans’ newspapers.

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Box 1: 1943-1945

Title Date
The Honor Roll August 1945
The Honor Roll* May 1945
The Honor Roll March 1945
The Honor Roll Christmas 1944
The Honor Roll* October 1944
The Honor Roll August 1944
The Honor Roll June 1944
The Honor Roll (2 copies) May 1944
The Honor Roll March 1944
The Honor Roll* February 1944
The Honor Roll Christmas 1943
The Honor Roll November 1943
The Honor Roll October 1943
The Honor Roll* September 1943
The Honor Roll July 1943

*Donated by the Wyckoff Family.

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