Back to School for Chesterites

Back to School for Chesterites


Back to School for Chesterites Exhibit

Featuring selections from the Wyckoff Family Collection, Back to School for Chesterites spotlights early-to-mid 20th centry materials from a recently opened local history collection. This resource contains photographs, legal documents, educational and sporting materials, correspondence, and other items that document more than 150 years of Chester history.

The Wyckoff family can trace its roots in Chester back to 1798, when Martin Wyckoff (1749-1831) moved to town. Many generations later, Wyckoff descendants still live and work in Chester.

The photos and other items in this exhibit show some of Chester’s educational history, from a tiny 1914 senior class at Roxbury High School to sports patches from Williamson School in the 1960s.


All requests to reproduce, publish, quote from, or otherwise use collection materials must be submitted in writing to the Local History Librarian, Chester Public Library, 250 W. Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930.

Exhibit Publication Date: Published in 2014. ©Copyright Chester Public Library 2014.