Culvert over Black River

Culvert over Black River

Culvert over Black River (front)

Culvert over Black River (reverse)



C.R.R. Culvert over Black River, Chester, N.J., postcard, circa 1901-1907. Published by Chester printer George E. Conover & Son.

The Central Rail Road Culvert was used in the process of carrying iron material back and forth from the Chester Furnace.

The author of the message, Olive, sends “Many Happy Returns of the 27th,” to Mrs. E.C. Searles of Chester. Elmer C. Searles and his wife Adalene P. were Olive’s parents, and lived in a large white house near the famed crossroads of Chester. They called the house “Robin Hurst” for all the robins it attracted. Olive later married Harold Waters and remained in town. They are both buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.


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