Memories of Chester, Hillside Avenue and Main Street Intersection

Hillside Avenue and Main Street Intersection

Intersection at Hillside Avenue and Main Street


In the video above, Herman Rademacher names the buildings at the intersection of Hillside Avenue and Main Street. The structures include the Chester House, Hopler’s Store, and Hopler’s Restaurant. He also points out the flagpole which has since been replaced by the Larry Masey Memorial. At the end of Hillside Avenue, Herman says, had been a light on top of a pillar. Drivers would run into it frequently during fog and rainstorms.

The image below the video is the postcard from Herman’s collection that he holds up during the video interview. From right to left, the image features the aspects described above. Additionally, the sidewalk on the right side of the street is tree-lined. The deciduous trees do not have leaves, and some of the roofs show snow on them. The dirt road also shows some light snow.

Video transcription available here: Hillside Avenue and Main Street Video Transcription.


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