Memories of Chester, Melrose Farms and Grace Bible Church

Melrose Farms and Grace Bible Church

Melrose Farms


In the video above, Herman Rademacher talks about how Melrose Farms became the Grace Bible Church. The building originally sat close to Oakdale Road, but was later moved to the crest of the hill (with an address on Oakdale Road).  The structure shown in the postcard image above is the parsonage. In back of the parsonage is The Barn, where events and services have been held for many years.

Long-term Pastor Jerry Gabriel drove a school bus and was very active in the community. Herman tells a story about how the young people of the church helped him to dig for a plumbing project.

The postcard image shows the parsonage’s front elevation and colorfully landscaped land. The front yard features blooming shrubbery, flowering plants, and diverse foliage. A windowed, enclosed wrap-around porch extends from the left side of the building, while a deck runs along the length and around the right side of the building. Additionally, the middle section extends up to three stories with a chimney. There are two bay windows: one on the right side of the building and one on the second floor.

Video transcription available here: Melrose Farms and Grace Bible Church Video Transcription.


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