Memories of Chester, Milldale Mill

Milldale Mill

Milldale Mill


In the video above, Herman Rademacher talks about the Milldale Mill and his experiences swimming in Black River. The mill is known now as the Cooper Gristmill, and the area nearby is called “Milltown” or “Milldale.” Herman mentions that when he and his friends would swim there in the 1940s and 1950s, one section was a very large boulder. He remarks that since the mill was restored and the road was moved, the appearance is “altogether different today.”

The postcard shows a 3-story, stone building flanked by leafy trees and bordered by a dirt road. On the right side is a telephone pole leaning to the right. Not easily seen is a man standing in front of the right-most ground-floor window. In the foreground is a chicken to the right of what appears to be a sizable pile of bricks. Farm machinery can be seen on the right and left sides of the mill building. Also to the right of the building is the bridge Herman spoke of in the video. The land next to the mill building and the yard across from it are planted with tall, leafy trees.

Video transcription available here: Milldale Mill Video Transcription.


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