Memories of Chester, Pullman Mansion

The Pullman Mansion

Pullman Mansion


In the video above, Herman Rademacher tells the story of a fire he helped fight at the Pullman Mansion located at the top of Grove Street. Herman and his fellow firefighters thought they were “gaining” on the fire, but it became increasingly worse. He describes a flame phenomenon that was the result of an open baby grand piano. A fire truck was in danger, as well, but it was moved in time.  The house was originally named for its owner, George Pullman, who was known for his railroad cars. However, the owner during the fire was Harvey Guerin.

The postcard shows the mansion from the downhill perspective, with a large, lush lawn. It is a two-and-a-half story house with a deep, covered wrap-around porch. Ivy is growing up the porch columns and up to the second story turret. The turret has windows on all sides. The second floor also features its own porch, covered in the middle by a dormer. Two chimneys can be seen.

Video transcription available here: Pullman Mansion Video Transcription.


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