Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery (front)
Pleasant Hill Cemetery (reverse)


Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester, N.J., postcard, 1907. Published by George E. Conover & Son.

As early as 1750, William Larison gave land on Pleasant Hill to the Presbyterian Church for a church building and cemetery. A century later, the church moved to Main Street, but the cemetery stayed up on Pleasant Hill. Later, the cemetery became independent of the church. The stone chapel shown in the postcard above was built in 1903.

Mildred Searles wrote this postcard to Flora A. Moore of Caldwell, N.J. She writes, “Dear Miss Moore; Just one more card to let you know I am still at C.C.I. and getting along fine. I met your sister when she was with Mamma in Montclair. Lovingly, Mildred Searles.”


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