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This Week in Chester History…

In 1960, “a spectacular fire” destroyed Hans Lowensteiner’s a 150 x 50 ft. cow barn, attached milk house, silo, and sleeping quarters of farm worker William Boloway. Lowensteiner, a North Road resident, and his hired workers had begun the evening milking when his wife pointed out the smoke at the roof. The farmer saved his 65 cows, but inadequate water supplies stymied the 140 firemen from 7 fire companies around the area, until a pond on the Bell Labs property (1 mile away) became the source of water to bring the conflagration under control. Source: Observer-Tribune

This Week in Chester History…

Taken directly from the August 13, 1937 issue of Mendham-Chester Tribune:


Expecting to combat a blazing inferno when a lightning bolt struck their barn Wednesday night, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson of Chester found they had lost a friend instead. Stretched out on the straw was their only cow, dead from an arc of terrific potential, a bolt which curiously enough had done no perceptible damage to any part of the wooden structure.