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This Week in Chester History

In 1955, the Chester Township League of Women Voters booklet, “This is Chester Township,” was sold for the first time. The booklet represents more
than a year of work and tells of the early history of the community up to 1955. The “Know Your Town” study organized by the League was led by Mrs. Bernard Sugerman, and the preparation of the booklet was supervised by Mrs. Edward Jenkins. The book was the first of its kind to be published in the area. Source: The Mendham-Chester Tribune.

This Week in Chester History…

In 1955, the Chester League of Women Voters, in existence scarcely a year, won a blue ribbon as first prize for their exhibit in the Public Relations Category, at the League’s national convention held in Atlantic City. The prize-winning poster was the brain-child of Mrs. Edward Jenkins and it was designed by Booth Hubbell. The background of the poster was a house and foundation around which were pasted clippings from The Mendham-Chester Tribune, telling of League activities, amongst other items. Chester representatives at the convention were Mrs. Booth Hubbell, Mrs, Edward Jenkins, Mrs. Bernard Sugerman,
Mrs. Robert Cleary and Mrs. Charles Todd. Source: The Mendham-Chester Tribune.